Snapchat’s Gender Swap Filter Busts Police Officer Looking For Underage Hook Up

Lets face it, we’ve all always wanted to know what we’d look like as the opposite sex and as such, we’ve all had our fun with Snapchat’s gender swap filter. We even had a good go at it at the office, I mean, yes. It probably cost us a good 2 hours or productivity, but it could be argued that we were being productive in a different manner.

The filter has also led to quite a number of catfishing on dating apps such as Tinder and CMB, with results often being rather hilarious whilst highlighting just how disgusting men can be on platforms such as this. Well, I suppose it’s all fun and games until someone uses the filter to catch a police officer looking to hook up with an underaged teen girl, which is exactly what happened.

A 20 year old college student posing as a woman named Esther, using Snapchats gender swap filter of course, caught a police officer looking to hook up with an underage teen girl. NBC Bay Area reports that the student was motivated by one of his friends, who had apparently been sexually assaulted as a child, to catch possible predators on Tinder.

The student took a couple of pictures using the gender swap filter and created a fake Tinder account under the persona “Esther”, which eventually caught the attention of Robert Davies, a San Mateo police officer. Davis allegedly asked if Esther was down to have some fun tonight, to which “she” responded by letting him know that “she” was 16. Police say that based on the screenshots from the text, this didn’t seem to bother Davis one bit, and the student chatted with Davis for over 12 hours in order to get more information on him.

Robert Davis has since been put on paid administrative leave while he faces a charge of contacting a minor to commit a felony.

Who would’ve though that the gender swap filter would make a positive, real world impact? What a time to be alive.

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