Huawei Angers It’s Users Once More; Ads Pop Up On Device Lockscreens

Huawei can’t seem to catch a break these days. Reports are now coming in from users of Huawei devices displaying ads on their Lockscreens. Something that’s akin to an Amazon Kindle, where you pay less but get ads on the lockscreen, except you paid in full for that Huawei phone. To no surprise, this has set off a chain reaction of people posting up the ads that pop up on screen. Check out this one from Reddit user u/Quacksnooze on the Huawei subreddit.

Huawei, what the F is this? Advertisements on my lockscreen? from Huawei

This comes after a steam of bad luck for Huawei with the U.S. ban and entity list. But ads showing up directly on your lockscreen? Seems that Huawei’s had a big too much access to devices. One commenter on the Reddit thread mentions that Huawei isn’t the only one this is happening to. User u/TheCookieButter had this to say;

Yep. Got this on my Honor View 10 and am pissed off.

Phone cost ~£350 should not be seeing fucking adverts on my lockscreen while using a default lockscreen setting. I have been using it like this for 9 months and now them randomly insert adverts. Personally it’s enough to make me not buy a Huawei again (if things get resolved). I really like this phone, but fuck am I supporting a company which inserts adverts onto my device without warning.

Guess that’s not really a surprise. The amount of things you accept blindly when you buy a new phone, is pretty crazy. You might have unknowingly given the phone access to do this. So best thing to do, is check your privacy settings and what data you’ve allowed to be shared on the phone.

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