Singapore 5G Nationwide Rollout Target, Unaffected



While nations affected by Covid 19 focus on spending their budget on reviving their economy and placing emphasis on healthcare, financially secured Singapore is able to do all that and still be on course for its 5G rollout.

The city state, ambitious to be among the first in the region to be 5G ready, has indicated that the target is unaffected by Covid 19 will make the 2025 target, said its Communications and Information Minister S. Iswaran.

His Ministry selected the 5G Call For Proposal award to two telecommunication giants in the country, Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd and the Joint-Venture Consortium formed by StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd and M1 Ltd.

With this awarding the Minister is confident, Singapore can be 50% ready with coverage by 2020, 5G known as the next generation connectivity, is regarded as the frontier of modern technology. Solutions like smart city, autonomous vehicles, IR4.0 are being touted as big changes that are coming. The momentum was picking up since mid 2019 and till early this year, until coronavirus redirected attentions of nations.

For the republic’s however it an important ongoing efforts to build the infrastructure that will makes it future-ready for the digital economy, added the Minister.

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