SHARP Launched Malaysia Tabah 2021 Fundraising for Frontliners and Malaysians

Sharp has launched the Malaysia Tabah 2021 as an endeavour to support those affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. The initiative will raise funds by giving away 2021 desktop calendars for every RM50 of donation received from the public and SHARP’s business partners.

Before this, SHARP’s annual desktop calendars would feature the product by the company. Due to Covid-19, the company decided to dedicate the sacrifices made by various frontliners.

Ting Yang Chung, the Managing Director of Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. said that they have been supporting the MCO stay-at-home campaign by ensuring that customers’ request for repairs and replacement of appliances are attended to promptly despite the many limitations. He also claimed that the fundraising is to ameliorate the pressures faced by the Malaysians during the pandemic.

We wish to thank our media partners – The Star Publication and The Malay Mail — for their collaboration because it allows us to see through the lenses of their photojournalists and help us remember how we as a nation have stood together as a united front to overcomethis pandemic and honour the fighting spirit of our frontliners, ” said Ting.

They plan to produce 20,000 pieces of desktop calendars and 100% of proceeds from the public’s donation will be channelleddirectly to the Tzu Chi Foundation which has been active in supporting frontliners, for their ongoing work to support Malaysians. Tzu Chi Foundation has allotted PPEs to 2,372 hospitals, clinics, police stations and other needy organisationsnationwide and also through Kita1Keluarga initiative, it has helped 2,178 families.

Sio Kee Hong as the Deputy CEO of Tzu Chi Foundation KL & Selangor spoke that they are devoted in providing aids and supports to the frontliners as well as Malaysians and extremely grateful to SHARP and the media partners for their support towards our Foundation’s work.

You can donate by SHARP’s Cocoro Life, the company’s AI-powered e-Service and CRM platform. The website is already on live since December 16 and if you want to donate, simply log on to

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