Samsung’s Latest AR Glasses Patent Brings Us One Step Closer To A GTA Navigation HUD Future

What started as a fever dream a couple of years ago, augmented reality is slowly but surely moving it’s way towards becoming a mainstay tech innovation. Now, according to a Samsung patent, this future might not seem so far away. The latest patent describes how AR glasses can be used to do one very simple, practical task; Navigation.

The way it would work would simply, the AR glasses would cast an overlay turn-by-turn navigation information, and signs that are infront of the driver. This would mean that even as you look around, the AR glasses would dynamically change to see what you’re seeing, adjusting the navigation accordingly. These glasses could come with a outward-facing camera to read the road, and an inward-facing camera to analyse the drive, as mentioned by SamMobile.

This would also mean, it would be possible to take a quick look to the left and have the glasses update with relevant information such as ATMs, alternate routes, and more. The patent explicitly mentions overlaying additional information like exit ramps, points of interest and fuel stations among others.

But based on what we know, the Samsung AR glasses would need to be connected to your smartphone with a maps app for it to work. That, or some form of navigation device, GPS unit and cameras and sensors. So while this is an exciting glimpse into the possible foreseeable future, we shouldn’t get too caught up in it just yet. Until and unless car manufacturers make using camera sensors, processors and other smart car technologies into the norm, it might not work as intended.

I for one, can’t wait to see just how far we’ve advanced. I’m just more so excited to live out my GTA fantasies of setting a way point on my phone, and eventually¬†seeing¬†the directions to said place on my very eyes with no other external screens like a smartphone or GPS unit. That’s pretty crazy.

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