Rumour: New BioShock in Development; Has Unknown 2K Games Studio Links

It’s been a long couple of years since BioShock Infinite left an amazing impression with gamers; it’s been too long that, finally, rumours of a new BioShock has come to light. Multiple reports refer to a Kotaku story when word broke out.

In summary, core members of Mafia III have moved to a top-secret studio to work on this unannounced BioShock game.  The team behind this unverified game, which uses the codename – Parkside, caught the attention of disgruntled Mafia III personnel. Further leaks reveal that the unnamed game is a new entry for BioShock.

Of course, it hadn’t been long before some convincing took place and the jumps started.

By all accounts, the feature article on Kotaku shines the limelight on Hangar 13, the developers for Mafia III. However, this nugget detail is the one making waves now.

If this rumour is true, fans of BioShock Infinite are hoping it will expand on that specific universe. Fans of the original BioShock are looking forward to deeper narratives that the core games introduced.

Be as it may, this is a rumour at best. Thusly, the world will have to wait and see if 2K announces something big at E3 2018. If not, there is always Paris Game Week and Tokyo Game Show after that.

(Source: Gematsu)


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