Snake Shaped Roti Canai Goes Viral And You Won’t Believe This Religious Figure’s Response

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Buying and eating snake shaped roti canai has been deemed halal by Mufti Kelantan Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad, that is so long as the ingredients used to make the food is sourced through halal means. 


“We all know that the content of roti canai is only wheat flour and it comes from halal sources. So it is not illegal to eat snake-shaped bread.” 


“However, the law of eating snakes is still illegal because it contains venom that will harm humans, but snake roti canai only resembles its shape, not its content that is harmful to humans,” the religious figure told news agency Bernama.


He also added that eating the roti canai is acceptable but glorifying the slithery delicacy is a big no no. 


“If you eat snake roti canai but are proud and behave like eating snake is the right thing to do then that is unacceptable because it would seemingly mock Islamic law.” 


The creatively shaped food item is reportedly sold by roti canai expert, Che Harun Ali who hails from Kampung Kubur Kuda in Kota Bahru. The roti canai went viral on social media and has been enjoying some popularity since. 


Anyways, the humour of this announcement was not lost on Malaysians. 

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Elsewhere, Malaysians, being Malaysians, we somehow managed to politicize a snake shaped roti canai. 

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Would you eat this roti canai? Let us know.


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