Covid-19: MoH Reports 13 New Cases And No New Deaths

Today, the Ministry of Health have identified 13 new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 8,696 cases, with 64 active cases as of July 10. The 13 new cases are broken down as 8 imported and 5 domestic. 12 new cases have recovered, bringing the total of recovered cases to 8,511. This […]

NSK Supermarket Boss Charged RM340,000 For Employing Illegal Migrants

  Illegal migrants in the country are currently facing unprecedented persecution. while in the past or pre-Covid-19 era, these foreign labours were confidently sauntering the city now they have to seek refuge and go into hiding ever since Ops Benteng was initiated. Under the operation, all undocumented migrants are to be hauled up and deported […]

Huawei 5G Play In Jeopardy With UK Restriction And Semiconductor Ban By US

  Huawei is in a precarious position, having risen to become the largest telecommunication equipment provider in the world, the Chinese company is now facing monumental blocks to its progress after US declared the organisation, a Chinese government operative. Huawei has since fallen from grace and continues to be vilified by the US. Having since […]

Haze & Covid-19 Combo Could Happen & It Would Spell Havoc For High Risk Malaysians

If you think that given the fact that there’s a global pandemic out there, things can’t possibly get any worse. Well, think again. According to medical experts, the annual haze (which usually occurs between June and October) could actually make a return if Malaysia and our neighbouring countries don’t control open burning. Speaking to The Star, […]

PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero Set To Debut On July 10

PUBG MOBILE World League (PMWL) Season Zero, a newly introduced PUBG MOBILE global esports programme begins on July 10. Due to the global pandemic, the PMWL was changed to an online format, with 20 teams joining World League East and 20 teams joining World League West — all battling for a total prize pool of […]

Showdown between Malaysia and Al Jazeera Continues

In response to recent criticism from the government, Al Jazeera Media Network has released a strongly worded statement rejecting allegations made by Malaysian authorities over its investigative documentary on the arrest of undocumented migrants during the coronavirus pandemic.    “Charging journalists for doing their jobs is not the action of a democracy that values free […]