Quick Meet: GB.Fenrir, Finalist for FIFA18 in Sony PlayStation League Asia 2018

The 2018 edition of the Sony PlayStation League Asia, likely the first-ever for the region, is already underway; in fact, Call of Duty World War II is now in the play-offs. Before continuing, here’s a hearty shout-out to the respective Malaysian players who are representing the country!

It’s a big deal for sure, but equally as big is the FIFA 18 finals tomorrow. Malaysia’s very own Luqman Haziq, aka Fenrir of GamesBond, is in the running for the event’s gold. The matches kick-off tomorrow from 12pm onwards at Battle Arena, Jaya Mall.

There will be a livestream link will drop on Sony PlayStation Asia Facebook Page; it’ll also be available on LiveAtPC.com Facebook too!

In the meantime, before the whistle blows at noon tomorrow, here’s a quick-read on Luqman; we manage to do a PC.com Quick Meet chat during the Press Day of the Sony PlayStation League Asia Main Event. Fenrir, during the excitement of this event, reveals how he juggles student life with the competitive FIFA 18 scene.

LiveAtPC.com: Having join various eSports tournaments and leagues, what is your opinion of this event?

Luqman/GB.Fenrir: First of all, I would like to express my thanks to ESL Asia. (They’re) giving all Asian players a last chance (at) qualifying; (it is, after all,) the FIFA eWorld Cup (FEWC) play-offs. It is a good effort from the team in promoting our region. I’m very happy with their support throughout the tournament so far.

PC.com: Who are you hoping to go up against in this tournament?

Fenrir: Honestly, all the competitors here are equally (as) good. Personally, I don’t know any of them and rarely meet them online. (However,) because of that, I will face them all seriously and try my best to beat every opponent.

PC.com: What preparations have you made so far for this tournament?

Fenrir: Since I’m still a student and will have my final exam in two weeks, it’s been tough to balance my studies and FIFA career. During weekdays, I focus on my studies and assignments. On weekends, I play the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode for 5- to 6-hours a day. I think this is sufficient. At this point, I don’t think I need an excessive amount of practice. It’s the only way to be consistent and to maintain my form.

PC.com: What are your parents’ opinions on you joining this competition at Battle Arena?

Fenrir: Honestly, when I entered my first tournament in Malaysia, they thought it is just a hobby. Then I started winning a lot of tournaments. Recently, I qualified to become the sole Asia representative to Barcelona for the first FUT Champions Cup. They are now really supportive of my hobby and I hope they will keep supporting me in the future.

PC.com: As a student, what advice can you share with other students who want to become an eSports player?

Fenrir: Well, my father always say, “Whatever you do, work hard and play hard.”

Of course, work hard means to do your best in your studies. Then, whenever you have time to play, do it wisely. Use 100% of that time to improve yourself as a player. As a student, there are a lot of challenges in competing against full-time pro players; yet we also have the advantage of being younger in age. As long as you can balance your schedule, it’s fine

For the entire interview, please check out PC.com June 2018 issue.

The anticipated PlayStation League Asia 2018 tournament takes place on 13 May 2018. After grueling competition through four online qualifiers, eight players remain for the prize pool of US$10,000. These players come from all over the region, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Fenrir is one of the eight in the competition.

PlayStation League Asia 2018 is an official qualifier for the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series. The winner of this qualifier stands a chance to participate in FIFA eWorld Cup 2018. It is here that the winner will become the undisputed best FIFA 18 player in the world.

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