Qantas Airways Final Boeing 747 Flight Drew A Freaking Kangaroo In The Sky

It’s no secret that airlines around the world are struggling to stay afloat in these troubling times and over the past couple of months, there have been a number of cost cutting measures taking place. Qantas airways, Australia’s flag carrier, is no different.

The company actually made the tough decision to retire its entire Boeing 747 fleet a while back, but the Covid-19 pandemic has hastened things. The “Queen of the skies” as its dubbed has served the airline for almost 50 years but given how there are more cost effective options available now, its days were numbered.

That being said though, Qantas bid farewell to its last 747 in style, by literally drawing their logo in the skies. Yup. The plane departed from Sydney for a flight to its final resting place but not before it flew a flight path creating a massive kangaroo. I mean, if you’re going to retire a plane, you might as well do it in style, right?

Around 150 people actually gathered at the Sydney Airport on Wednesday for a chance to say one final goodbye to the plane, with many even going as far as to write messages on the planes body and reading tributes. The plane was also given a water cannon salute on the tarmac.

The airline started 2020 with a mere 6 Boeing 747s still in service, with the 787s taking its place. The original plan was to finalise its retirement by the end of the year but again, the Covid-19 pandemic put a wrench in those plans.

The plane will fly to Los Angeles where it will sit in the Mojave desert, in what is fast becoming an aeroplane graveyard with more than 100 old or outdated planes are kept in storage. Why are there more than 100 plans in storage in the middle of the desert?

Well, the climate conditions in places that have dry heat, low humidity and little rain actually make it perfect because it slows down the rust and degradation of the aircraft. If you didn’t know, now you know! (It’s okay, I also didn’t know actually)




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