Pos Malaysia Launches New Online Delivery Service

Pos Malaysia has introduced a new online service, which will allow customers convenience and quicker processing without the hassle of filling up forms at the counter. With Pos Laju SendParcel customers can fill up all the details online and request for pick from their homes or office.

The latest service is meant for customers and small businesses to manage their delivery needs with greater ease, bulk delivery orders and rates can all be managed over the website with instant quotation requests.

“Through SendParcel, customers will be able to enjoy better rates, free pick-up and no longer need to fill up delivery labels or consignment notes manually as they will now be generated automatically by the system”

“It will also improve delivery reports and tracking while offering credit bonus for loyal customers” said  CEO Pos Malaysia, Syed Md Najib Syed Md Noor.

To use SendParcel, customers only have to open an account with Pos Lju and top up credit into the portal. www.poslaju.com.my.

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