Huawei Makes The HONOR 20 Redundant With The Launch Of The Nova 5T

It’s the HONOR 20, but better in every aspect..

Huawei today launched the latest addition to the nova smartphone series, the Huawei nova 5T, globally. If you’re thinking to yourself “Hey, this phone looks familiar.”, thats because it looks exactly like the HONOR 20, except better. The Chinese giant has pretty much taken the HONOR 20, bumped its RAM up by 2 GB, slapped the nova branding on the back and ta-da! You’ve got yourself the nova 5T. To add insult to injury, the nova 5T is retailing for RM 100 cheaper than the HONOR 20. Ouch. 

I don’t think HONOR expected this to happen and even if they did, I highly doubt the sub-brand knew that it would be priced cheaper than their flagship model. I guess Huawei really meant it when they said that the two companies operate quite independently.

To give credit to HONOR though, Huawei knocking off their flagship model really goes to show how good their device is, so good in fact that Huawei deemed it worthy enough to be their mid range device. Well, almost at least. The nova 5T does come with more RAM and different colourways.

Lets see just how similar the phones are, shall we? The nova 5T comes with 5 AI cameras— 4 in the back and a 32MP shooter in the front. The quad cameras comprise of a 48MP main camera, 16 MP ultra wide lens, 2MP Macro and a 2MP depth camera; Exactly the same as on the HONOR 20.

Both devices come with a 6.26″ All-View Display with a 2340×1080 resolution, weigh 174g, have the same dimensions and the same 3750 mAh battery. The only difference between the two devices is that the nova 5T comes with 8GB RAM + 128 GB ROM, a 2GB bump up from the HONOR 20.

Comparisons aside, the nova 5T is jam packed with flagship level features, such as Huawei’s 7nm flagship Kirin 980 chipset and 22.5W SuperCharge technology that allows the battery to be charged up to 50% in just 30 minutes (as does the HONOR 20, mind you).

The Huawei nova 5T will be available for pre order starting 29th August 2019 at the Huawei Official Online Store and at it’s dedicated pre-order website. Pre-orders made between 29 August and the 5 September 2019 will receive exclusive gifts worth up to RM325. Huawei is also offering an extended 1-year warranty to consumers who purchase the nova 5T from 29 August to 31 September 2019.

Yes, the phone may be unoriginal but It’s hard to hate on Huawei with prices like this.



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