PC.com Awards 2021 – Best Product Of The Year

PC.com is back with its 20th PC.com Awards!

Every year thousands of PC.com readers look forward to the December issue, jam-packed with contents, reviews, gaming, and that amazing box!

This year PC.com will spread the specials across three months October, November, and December. Online website LiveatPC.com will be building the excitement for the year-end special.

With the theme “Towards Digital Nation” this year, we’ve added a few more award categories in light of the industry’s massive move towards digitalisation.

“The annual PC.com award having been held since 2000, is recognised as a prestigious award event among the industry players. This year is special due to the challenges faced by businesses, and we would be dedicating to those who played a key role in supporting the people.

Themed Towards Digital Nation, it’s appropriate on how technology became ever crucial in tackling the predicament many nations were subject to. 2021 will be a year in history and PC.com Award will be marking the year with those who sailed through safely. 

All those nominated are winners in our books, but we do know there are favourites among Malaysians, so cast your votes and let’s celebrate the year with the choice selection for PC.com Best Product of the Year Award 2021,” said Managing Editor, Selva Rajan.

Be sure to cast your votes for your favourite brands now as votings will be closed on November 12!

Links for Part 1 and Part 2 of the awards:

Part 1: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1luKqjPnJzWYs4JfW1T1lybNATA0pbBCrn1CKX6OSvm0/edit

Part 2: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17i7nujhkej2xC3e3VOZA491KAlLyidnUh70dacWKBIY/edit


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