Is ‘Timah’ Really ‘Fatimah’?

You don’t have to be a whiskey connoisseur to know about the recent ‘scandal’ regarding Malaysia’s very own whisky, ‘Timah’.

How did this all start? This Malaysian-made whisky drew criticism from a number of Malay Muslim netizens who thought the name ‘Timah’ was a shortened version of the Arabic name Fatimah.

Some also claimed that the image of a bearded man wearing headgear on the bottle’s label was of a Muslim man.

According to a statement posted on Facebook on October 15, the product was named “Timah,” which means “tin” in Malay, due to the historical origins of whisky liquor brought into Malaya by British colonial during the tin-mining era.

According to the label, the bearded man on the liquor bottle is a depiction of Captain Speedy, a former Assistant British Resident in Larut, Perak, who was a key figure in introducing whisky during the colonial period.

Timah is intended for non-Muslims of legal purchasing age, according to the company, who denied any other interpretation of the product’s name.

It’s a shame to see what should have been Malaysia’s pride and joy turned into something so divisive and frowned upon by a small group of people.


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