OPPO Is Bringing The Android 10 ColorOS Trial, With Reno Being The First Device Getting The Update

OPPO officially upgraded the ColorOS limited public trial version based on Android 10. The Reno will be the first to upgrade with other handsets such as Reno 10x Zoom and Reno 2 will be upgrading within the year of 2019. The pre-release trial version of the new update covers India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. This is limited to just few thousands users, and will be open to apply starting October 25.

As its one of the most important partners of the Android ecosystem, OPPO’s ColorOS is one of the first systems to work with Android 10, and the newer ColorOS 6 is the original Android 10 with features customized for OPPO users. This brings many new experiences in terms of visual interaction, security and convenience such as gesture navigation, and improved privacy settings.

So some of the updates will of course be the system wide dark mode on Android 10, but made in the ColorOS design. The user interface (UI) comes with an automatic brightness control system, enabling Dark Mode to adapt to bright outdoor glare, low light and more, providing effective operation. It boasts white fonts to enhance contrast, a specialized UI that offers wide coverage even on third-party applications, and can be switched on easily within the settings section.

There’s also going to be the new Full Screen gestures. ColorOS has three gestures for navigation. For example, a swipe from the left-hand side of the screen will go back to the previous page. A quick swipe up from the bottom of the phone screen will take you back to the home screen. To view all open apps, users can swipe up from the bottom of the screen then pause about a third the way up the screen.

But the surprising thing is, OPPO is on it’s way with the Android 10 with their own version quicker than the rest. Well good on them, hopefully it gets past the ‘trial’ period soon anyway.

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