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Memo Deeply Affects Google CEO

Memo Deeply Affects Google CEO

Google is not in a very comfortable place right now, a leaked memo by an employee at the largest search engine in the world described unfair hiring practice and the gender gap between men and women was due to biological reasons how fewer women are considered for a job there.

Since then the employee found to have wrote the memo has been sacked despite claims in the intentions to improve the working culture in Google, the worker has officially made a complaint to the labour office and has now taken a legal suit against the tech giant.

There has been called from the community for CEO Sundar Pichai to step down over the incident, rather absurd but there is no denying there is a cause-for-concern for the top management on the handling of the incident and its so called code of conduct. Sundar send out a note to his employees shortly after the report went public, saying it was a difficult time and whatever the content of the memo was it was fair to debate about it as it has been always the way Google, does things. And claims that suggest a certain group of people have a less biological trait for a job is not OK and contrary to the company’s basic values.

Whether its lip-service or public relation spin, the statements make clear stand and sends a message to the over reacting zealots within Google, there are always a few in any large organisations. Sundar went on to add the author of the memo has the right to express his views on the topics and is a policy not to take any action against anyone who speak up.

The CEO has encouraged anyone who might have different perspective to their own and reach out to them, while he would do the same. Google just like any business is ran by humans and their idiosyncrasies, no matter how much algorithms you use to map our behaviour you cant predict what we might do next. As Sundar has learned.

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