Maxis Shows Off What 5G Is Really Capable Of With Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Series

Starting from March 6th, Maxis is offering the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, along with the Galaxy S20+ and S20 4G devices with their Maxis Zerolution plan. The 5G phones will also be available at the Maxis Centres in KLCC and Sunway Pyramid for a full 5G connectivity experience.

Maxis is showcasing 5G Live with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, such as a miniature art gallery which features familiar Malaysian sights and slice-of-life dioramas, including one of a Maxis Centre. But they’re also taking advantage of the world’s most powerful mobile zoom technology, by allowing people at the KLCC and Sunway Pyramid Maxis Centres to zoom into every tiny detail with the S20 Ultra’s camera, to fully experience the true beauty of the art.

These sculptures and miniature dioramas also include a way to view the art come to life via Augmented Reality, powered by 5G. The showcase as of now, is at the KLCC Maxis Centre, but soon it will be coming to the Sunway Pyramid Maxis Centre, both for a one month period. During this time, customers will also be able to stream videos, play games, and check out speed tests on the Maxis 5G network.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Samsung Galaxy S20 series to our family of mobile device offers, with awesome zoom and 8K video functions that are sure to delight photography and videography enthusiasts. Beyond the devices and creative miniature art galleries, we also wanted to enable customers to experience the exciting possibilities of 5G, which will dramatically change the way we communicate and experience life. So don’t miss this opportunity to get the first taste of what our future could be like,” said Arjun Varma, Head of Maxis Consumer Business.

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