Lovers Made Good Income Selling Ganja Cookies

You would have thought stories like these only could happen outside Malaysia, well you will be surprised to discover this actually happened in Selangor or more precisely in Shah Alam.

A couple showed entrepreneurial skill by baking special Raya cookies with ganja and selling them for good profits. The operation which started three months ago during the Movement Control Order, was seeing robust business with many orders receiving for the jars of these delicacies. But their success also meant it will be over soon, the police got whiff of their adventure and eventually setup a dragnet to catch the baking couple.

Upon a raid conducted at a condominium car park, the enforcement team found 2775 grams worth of ganja and 24 bottles of the wonder cookie weighing approximately 2500 grams. The team then pursued the search to the condo unit, where they found another 4111 grams of ganja, loads of cash, gold and silver bars estimated to be over RM277, 000.

Both in the early 40’s have been remanded for investigation and will be looking at a death penalty for the crime. Under the Dangerous Drug Act 1952, those caught in possession of illegal drugs more than the stipulated amount could be hanged. Malaysia does not allow consumption of marijuana even for medical purposes, with Western countries opening up the market for commercial use of the drug, eCommerce is giving ideas for local groups to venture into the area. Recently, a grower has arrested for farming the stuff in his house, police seized pots of the plant in various heights.

Until we see the product legalised, be careful on the type of cookie you eat, if it taste super good, gets you addicted and you start laughing uncontrollably, seek help after you compose yourself.

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