Levi’s x Super Mario Is Now A Thing Apparently; Levi’s Branded Mario Overalls On The Way?

In what is most likely the most ambitious crossover I’ve seen till date, Super Mario and Levi’s are now collaborating on something. It’s unclear what exactly this will mean for content/merch, but it’s got us speculating on what it could be.


In the tweet, they mentioned a jeans and mushroom emoji which could indicate some sort of special edition jeans coming, or it could mean nothing. I think it was just a way to demonstrate Levi’s Jeans and Super Mario, but hey, what do I know? They could be trying to recreate the Mario look, with overalls and golden buttons stitched on, so that’s a possibility. I don’t really know who would want to look like the Italian Plumber, but hey, I’m sure there are people who’d sport the look on the daily.

It just might be jeans with iconic Mario designs like the mushroom, star, or Mario and Luigi themselves. OR maybe a jean jacket, which ngl, would look pretty cool.

One thing is for certain though, we have no idea what kind of monstrosity they could make with this collaboration. In reality, they’re probably going to release some jacket or jeans with minor Super Mario designs, and not much else. Overalls are a bit too drastic, I feel, for Levi’s, but you never know. OR, it could just be an in-game costume/outfit branded by Levi’s, which would be a little too underwhelming, but like I said, we really don’t know.

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