Kim Jong-Un Places State Under Emergency After 1 Covid-19 Case Is Detected

Talk about paranoia, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has declared a state of emergency in what seems to be a potential Covid-19 case after a the border city reported a suspected individual had crossed over the DMZ.

In an official announcement the reclusive nation had the leader say “there happened a critical situation in which the vicious virus could be said to have entered the country,” as he presided over an emergency enlarged meeting with his cabinet or whatever he calls it these days.

Now the defected person who left North Korea and now decided to come from South Korea (why would someone defect and return, is a mind boggling story) is supposedly infected with the virus, no confirmation is provided yet but Kim is not taking things for granted.

As a caring and concern dictator, Kim will be shutting Kaesong city and its 200,000 odd population from the rest of the country.Talk about taking action! He has even labelled the situation as dangerous, upgrading the alert to maximum emergency from state of emergency.

All those who breathed the same air as the defector will be screened, maybe shot and given full medical attention. The suspected case, who returned to the city of Kaesong from South Korea after illegally crossing the demarcation line is currently under quarantined and will be ordained the highest award in the country for his bravery, stupidity and courage. (we know what’s going to happen to him dont we)

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