Jabra To Unveil New Audio Earbuds And Speakers


Danish based, Jabra has been making innovative audio solution under the 150 year old GN Group mega holdings which prides itself for delivering reliability products and services in the field of communications. These qualities are still found in today’s range of earbuds to speakers that is being used by millions across the world.

Believing in transforming lives through sound, Jabra makes sound solutions for businesses and consumers, producing corded and wireless headsets, portable and in-office speakerphones, and sports earbuds. At CES 2018, the company aims to showcase its ReSound and BlueParrot line of headsets and earbuds drawing on the groups long-standing audio, headset and hearing aid expertise, the new devices will provide users with superior sound quality for music, calls and interaction with voice assistants, along with a reliable BlueTooth connection.

Visitors to this years consumer electronic event in Vegas can for the first time experience an exclusive virtual tour of the Jabra Sound lab which normally is closed to the public. A behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating journey an audio device makes from idea to conception will also be showcased. Among the display will be demonstration of the popular earbuds and how they handle harsh conditions like sweat and rain and how the devices are designed to withstand dirt, sweat and water.

Team LiveatPC.com will be reporting live from CES 2018 during the exciting week bringing all the best and unexpected including hands-on-videos.

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