iPhone Users May Soon Get The Ability To Edit iMessages; Typo No Mo’

A welcome feature for what I am sure are many people in this world, is the ability to just edit a text you just sent. Maybe you were texting your mom, and accidentally send “I love you man” when you mean to say ‘ma’. Or the very unfortunate correction of ‘f**k’ to ‘duck’. I’m sure all of us have experienced the phenomena, at least once in our lives.

But now, according to an Apple patent application posted to the USPTO and first reported by AppleInsider, Apple is working on an update to the iMessage platform. Of course, one of the more important features would be the ability to edit messages.

From the images in the patent, it shows a contextual menu when you long-press on an iMessage, as well as being able to copy, delete, or edit the message. This could prove to be a useful tool to many users who don’t want to delete a message, send a correction, and just quickly change their embarrassing typo along the way or add in more information to a message.

(Image credit: USPTO)

However, the patent images show that edited messages will be marked as ‘edited’, and might allow for other users to see the revision history for any iMessages that have been edited via “show edits” option. But take this as a view into what could potentially be a new feature in upcoming iOS 14 or a future update.

There’s no guarantee for it just yet, but if they did do it, it would be a game changer for iMessages. At least from the upgrade standpoint of Apple’s messaging platform.

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