India Moves Ahead Of China With Highest Covid-19 Cases In Asia

India overtakes China with the most number of Covid-19 cases in Asia at 85,940. The number is just the tip of the iceberg with experts warning that this is not the peak, as the nation continues to struggle in keeping the disease under control.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was accused of being slow to react when the virus was spreading through Asia, in comparison to Malaysia’s imposed Movement Control Order (MCO) as early as March 18 when cases started to emerge among the community.

India on the other hand with a population of 1.3 billion has poor healthcare system and with many lower-income citizens have no access to medical assistance, the deadly combination can be disastrous for the country. As of now, the death toll is at 2752, far lesser than China. Despite reporting 103 cases in just one day, many believe the numbers are under-reported.

Under lockdown since March 25, Covid-19 cases in India have been rising on a daily basis with no sign of abating, frontliners who have been coping to battle the outbreak have been complaining of poor cooperation, lack of government support, lack of PPE and being stigmatised in the community. In one instance, doctors and medical assistants were pelted with stones when they tried to bring a suspected Covid-19 patient into the hospital.

Rounding up suspects and contact tracing is a mammoth task in India. WHO have warned of the risk of rising cases in countries that have not prepared well enough to tackle the pandemic, and opening the economy can be catastrophic if the spread is not contained.

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