Huawei Shows Off The MateBook X Pro 3K Display At Barcelona

Huawei typically gives it a miss for its flagship phone launch at Barcelona Mobile World Congress choosing its own private launch party instead but that does not mean the Chinese tech giant has empty floor space at the largest telecommunication event in the world.

This year the company announced a bevy of product including the all new Huawei MateBook X Pro, a 3K touch screen that has 91% screen to body ratio. The ultra-slim laptop 13.9 inch laptop weighs only 2.93 lbs approximately 1.3 kg and offers up to 12 hours of 1080P video playback with 14 hours of regular work hours in terms of battery life. There are three options for the type of processor and storage all powered by an 8 Generation Intel Core i7 or i5 chipsets and a discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics with 2GB GDDR5.

To get the maximum of the screen display, Huawei moved the camera to the keyboard keeping it recessed and only pops up when pressed on. A smart way to maintain privacy as its not often you will be using the camera and you dont want hackers cracking into your system and turning on the camera without your knowledge.

Expect to pay anything between RM6000-RM10000 for the Huawei MateBook X Pro.

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