HUAWEI Shares 7 “Cool” Features Of Their Upcoming Budget 5G Smartphone; We Break Them Down For You

HUAWEI have announced that their brand new Nova 7 series of smartphones is set to make it’s Malaysian debut, and with a release date slated for sometime next week, the brand has shared with us the seven key features of the phone that we reckon we should probably share with you.

1: Stylish Colours for Your Unique Personality

According to HUAWEI, the nova 7 series will come in a variety of colours for all the “aesthetic-driven people” out there looking to ramp up their social media game. How exactly the colour of your phone will help with your social media game remains to be seen but it’s a superficial world out there I guess.

Colours available include Crush Green, Midsummer purple and Space Silver. As per HUAWEI’s release, it claims that you no longer have to worry about getting cases to beautify your phone.

Strange, I always thought cases were more to protect your phone but hey if they’re encouraging you not to get a cover, it must be durable, right?

2: It Weighs Lighter Than Your Makeup

The weight of a smartphone has been a fair concern for users since the beginning of well, smartphones. Some prefer heavy devices but most like em’ light. According to HUAWEI, they have it all figured out in regards to building a phone thats both light and full of features.

HUAWEI wanted to pack both strong performance and photography capabilities within a slim body for the nova 7 series, and that they did.

How? Well, their exact words are  “the new HUAWEI nova 7 Series features a minimalist-centric design for both software and hardware, allowing not only a strong performance but also reduces the space the processor occupies, resulting in a smaller motherboard size, as well as a lighter and thinner smartphone body.”

Damn, the new HUAWEI nova 7 Series now weighs lighter than your make-up! I can’t even.. wow.. just wow.

3: Capture the Details with its 64MP AI Quad Camera

HUAWEI states the obvious here by mentioning that cameras are a necessity for smartphones today. To be fair to them however, there’s a certain thing you’d expect from Android devices that don’t come on HUAWEI devices so perhaps the obvious does need to be stated.

The all new nova 7 series camera is supported by the Kirin 820’s powerful processor and strong AI capabilities, expect top quality high-definition photography, stunning night shots and outstanding 4K video quality, delivered to you specially by the 64MP AI Quad Camera.

Since we’re stating the obvious here, the phone also comes with an ultra wide-angle lens, macro lens and bokeh lens that HUAWEI claims will be able to satisfy all photography enthusiasts need. Yup, need. Take it up with HUAWEI.

If selfies are your thing, then the HUAWEI nova 7 SE 5G is the perfect device for you. Its 16MP front camera adopts a big f/2.0 aperture with a pixel size of 1.0 um, making it able to capture more light and details in selfies.

The front camera also supports Super Night Selfie 2.0 for low-light selfie captures. Noise is controlled with BM3D algorithms, while detail is boosted by stacking multiple RAW frames together. It takes just two seconds for the cameras to produce a truly “breath-taking” self-portrait.

4: Never Miss a Moment with Dual-View

Okay not going to lie this is a pretty nifty feature. Dual-View Video Mode fully leverages on the front
and rear camera to capture moments on both sides.. AT THE SAME TIME. Credit where credit is due, well done HUAWEI.

5: Stash Your Powerbank Aside with nova 7 Series’ 40W SuperCharge

HUAWEI makes the argument here that there are just so many things that we want to do in a day but we only have 24 hours to do it, so it’s important to make sure that our phones have enough battery to last the day.

But then they throw a curveball by saying what happens when you’re in a rush and you need your phone to have enough battery life? What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO? ARGHHHHH

Personally, I’d just charge my phone in the car on the way to wherever it is i’m rushing off to or with a powerbank but come on man this is 2020! HUAWEI’s nova 7 series allows your phone to be charged at 70% within half an hour.

How exactly will this help you if you’re late and you’ve only just realised your phone is low on battery as you’re leaving the house? It won’t, really.

HUAWEI’s whole selling point still requires you to realise your phone is low on battery at least 10 minutes before you leave your house for a 23.3% charge of your battery, but still pretty nifty I guess.

6: Set for the Future: Malaysia’s Most Affordable 5G Smartphone

Ok this one, I cannot argue. It will indeed become Malaysia’s most affordable 5G smartphone when it launches next week, with HUAWEI claiming that it will debut at just over RM1000. That is a good deal.

Yes, Malaysia is still well away from a nationwide 5G rollout and by the time it is there will be other cheaper 5G devices, but I guess it’s nice to be able to say that you have a 5G phone? I don’t know man, i’m reaching here.

7: Sharing Has Never Been Easier with HUAWEI Share and MEETime

Ok so this is basically a glorified version of FaceTime. MEETime is actually better than FaceTime in the sense that it offers higher quality videos, third party support, and screen sharing. The only caveat here (and its a big caveat, mind you) is that the other person you want to converse with will need to be using a HUAWEI device as well.

Yes, the same goes for FaceTime but I can name at least 20 people off the top of my head that use an Apple device. As for HUAWEI, i’m honestly not even sure. It’s honestly a real shame that more people don’t use HUAWEI, but it is what it is.


And there you have it, seven key features of the HUAWEI nova 7 series broken down for you. If you’re interested in learning more about the devices, click HERE.



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