Next Sector To Reopen, Training, Seminars and Courses

Discussion are under way between the National Security Council and the Health Ministry to consider events related to training, seminars and corporate courses to be reopen.

These activity which can have guests anywhere between 20-100 or even more has been kept for last before consideration are made for resumption. The government views them as high risk as it involves a gathering of people making outbreak containment difficult if it were to occur.

However, the industry welcomes the Ministry’s decision and will be waiting for the good news, Datuk Sabri Yaakob, Senior Minister who leads the NSC told reporters that he will be meeting his colleagues this Monday and hopefully can give an update during the briefing.

Among the sectors still waiting to reopen are entertainment including cinema, karaoke, massage centres, and clubs. Another area pending official approvals but is subject to deferment is spectator sports and large scale events like concerts. An intensive SOP’s is required before any gathering of more than 100 people can ever be allowed under the circumstances.

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