Dr Noor Takes A Breather From Battling Covid-19 And Does Surgery On Patient

How amazing is our MOH Director General, he takes this time when the cases for Covid-19 are low and instead of going for a break, his relief is to go back to the operating theater to conduct surgery.

Dr Noor Hisham, who is also a surgeon, said he managed to squeeze in some time to perform a thyroidectomy for a patient with right dominant multinodular goitre, this procedure involves the removal of the thyroid glands.

“Indeed it was refreshing to be in the operating room again to calm my ‘withdrawal symptoms’ and meet all my OT staff. I was also briefed on the workflow and SOP (standard operating procedure) for COVID-19 positive patients that have to undergo surgery.

His daily briefing on Covid-19 to Malaysians has become a staple with the public tuning in at 5pm everyday to get his no-nonsense yet reassuring briefings. Dr Noor has received high ratings from citizens for his handling of the pandemic and even applauds from his peers internationally.

Malaysia has recorded much lower cases then initially predicted, the efforts from MOH has been successful in curbing the spread and breaking the chain. With the success, we are seeing more easing of restrictions and currently in recovery phase.

“We are in our recovery phase; however, the real challenge starts now for the rakyat to comply with the SOP. “The rakyat can make the impossible possible as there is now hope and light at the end of the tunnel to end the COVID-19 transmission,” he added.

An exceptional civil servant that deserves an heroic salute.

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