HTC U11 Coming To Malaysia Next Week

HTC has dropped the “M” nomenclature for its flagship series and kicks of the revolution for the brand with the scheduled launch of HTC Ultra U11 next week with “U” as the preferred choice.

So should you jot your calendar for this upcoming event and keep your eyes glued to the screens for the price and promotion deals? We have trouble with the question as well. Yikes sorry HTC Malaysia!

Now before you all go…ah just another phone from HTC and there’s nothing to be excited about we here at beg to differ looking at the plethora of new features the U11 comes with. Obvious and the main selling feature is the squeeze. Not physically but the sensation when tightly grabbing the sides of the phone activates sensors and unlocks useful applications, a novel concept but does it warrant buying? Off the box its gigabyte ready meaning high speed connectivity will be no issue when telco start rolling out 4.5G speeds.

If these does not sway your thoughts how about BoomSound with active noise cancellation feature and the 16MP front camera with DSLR like technologies embedded inside. We will leave these anecdotes for you to ponder upon and will offer the full rundown come next week.


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