Here’s The PS5 Feature We REALLY Need; A Better Web Browser

One thing that’s bothered me about PlayStation’s systems (the PS4 basically) was their horrendous web browser. It wasn’t intuitive, botherline archaic, with a touch of outdated. It was the bare minimum of what a web browser should be, with no updates really over 7 years of the PS4’s lifespan so far. Not to mention how slow and sluggish it was just booting up the browser. If I’m not mistaken, they meant for the browser to be a way for gamers to switch over to mid-game to check on notes, or something they missed in the game.

But in reality, it wasn’t really ever going to happen. Why? Because the PS4 web browser sucks.

Now, many people will probably say “Why do you even need a web browser on your PS4” “Why do you use it?” “It’s a shitty browser” and you know what, I agree with all that sentiment. However, when you’re using your PS4 as a home console, to watch Netflix and to stream sports, movies, and other contents not in-built in the PS4 with an app, you tend to use the browser more often. Me personally, I use the browser to stream anime because Crunchyroll in Malaysia is atrocious.

But enough ranting on about the PS4’s shitty browser, and highlight some features I’d appreciate on the PS5’s.

A Better Way To Type

Typing on the PS4’s browser isn’t the best, and it makes for a slower browsing experience as a whole. There should be a better way to type on consoles by now, but we haven’t gotten it.  It really does take time and getting used to type efficiently. This isn’t that big of a deal, but I’d like to see some iteration of an easier typing system.

Customisation Options

Too plain for my tastes

Like I mentioned before, the PS4’s browser was plain and simple. It barely did what it had to, but made for a rather lacklustre experience. Not to mention the fact that bookmarking and switching tabs was a hassle. Sometimes my PS4 would slow down substantially just to switch over to the next tab, which essentially shows how unoptimised and bad it really is. At least let us choose something to make our browsing experience, our own. Maybe browser themes? Add ons? Stuff like that?

It would make for a more personalised, streamlined web browser. Not to mention having some sort of personality, and making users want to use the browser in between games.


One of my biggest gripes with the web browser is the lack of Ad Block. Browsing on the PS4’s web client was horrendous, especially when you used sites that just had tons of ads on their site. Even the ones that were loading on screen in the site causes considerable slow down to the browser and system. And don’t get me started on those ads which redirect you to another tab, making me have to close the new opened tab just to get to the original one.

It’s just a hassle, and especially in 2020, we shouldn’t be dealing with problems from the early 2000’s.

Just Give Me Google Chrome

Actually you know what, screw all that, just give me Google Chrome. Or Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and any other number of web browsers available on Android and iOS. It shouldn’t be too hard to port one over, and honestly, it would just make things so much easier. Say you’re watching something on your PS4 browser, but you have to manually type out the link to continue watching it anywhere else.

Consider the fact that it is 2020, and you’re always connected and synced (most of the time) to other devices. My laptop knows what I’m browsing on my phone, or another device with Chrome. Why can’t we just add something like that to the PS5? It would make for an all-round-system, and a more attractive purchase overall (not that they need to convince me to by the PS5).

It boils down to the time we live in, and the PS4 browser just doesn’t cut it in the world of amazing web browsers. Considering this is the next (possibly final) leap in next-gen console gaming, they might want to consider making the entire experience easy, attractive, and powerful. Don’t skimp out on features just because you think the audience won’t use it, because trust me, if it were better, I’d use it all the time.


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