Death Stranding Is Finally Coming To PC, But With A Half-Life Twist


Hideo Kojima’s latest game, Death Stranding, is finally heading to PC on Steam and the Epic Game Store on June 2nd. Well, to call it just a game feels wrong, and people who pick it up for PC this coming June will get what I mean. Kojima Productions and 505 Games go on to mention some new features the PC version will have:

• Selections from ‘The Art of DEATH STRANDING’ digital art book (by Titan Books)
• DEATH STRANDING Original Score Expanded Edition by Ludvig Forsell (including 10 unreleased tracks)
• Chiral gold and omnireflector Ludens Mask sunglasses
• Gold and silver power skeleton
• Gold and silver all-terrain skeleton
• Gold and silver armour plate (LV2)

The more interesting stuff would be the new Photo Mode, ultra-wide monitor support and high frame rate to enhance the Death Stranding experience. However, possibly the most intriguing element of the PC edition would be content from Valve’s very own Half-Life.

We don’t really know we had content it will be exactly, but you can wear a dope head crab as a hat. Also considering that this is Hideo Kojima, we can expect some weird and wacky Easter eggs and Half: Life injected into Death Stranding. The timing is rather suspect considering Half-Life: Alyx just released some gameplay videos, so maybe we can see a bigger crosa-franchise integration than we thought. But anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Check out the trailer showing off the PC edition:

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