Hearthstone Grandmasters; Top Of The Mountain For Hearthstone E-Sport Gamers

Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone, the massively popular Collectible Card Game (CCG) previously announced the new three-tiered Masters program. Season 1 will be starting on May 17, 2019.The tournament is now underway with the Masters Qualifiers, and will send 250 players to the Hearthstone Masters Tour Las Vegas this June. Having said this, the Grandmasters will feature three regions; Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. There will be 16 players per region and makes a grand total of 48 players in the competition.

These 16 players per region will be further divided into two divisions of eight players each. Players in each division will play a double round robin using the best-of-three Specialist format. Hearthstone introduced the Specialist format for competitive play and will be the standard moving forward. Check out the video below if you wanna see how it works!

After all the matches, players will be ranked in their own division and accordingly, to the number of wins they accumulate. After that, the divisions will then be unveiled at HCT 2019 World Championship in Taipei on April 28 before the Grand Finals.

The top three players in each division at the end of each season will play in a six-player Grandmasters
Seasonal Playoff. The finalist from each region for both 2019 seasons, plus two players from the China
Gold Series—a total of eight players—will compete in the Hearthstone Global Finals at the end of the
year for a $500,000 prize pool.

Check out the link to see all the specifics about the qualifiers!

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