Open Letter Goes Viral; Exposes Underlying Problem With Tech And Media

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Darn millennials with their manbuns and their hip-hop, and their Instagrams!!!

Job hunting is undoubtedly one of the most stressful things you’ll do as a fresh grad. That’s just how the landscape is these days. Companies appear to ask for the ‘impossible’ by listing requirements ranging from “Minimum 3 years experience in related field” to “Must speak at least English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil”. I can relate. As a fresh grad you’re left unable to comprehend how exactly you’re supposed to qualify for criteria that seem to defy logic.

So there’s ramblings of that, and then there’s this.

An open letter that’s going viral on the good ol’ interweb that seems to be penned by what I can only describe as the token example for the notion that millennials are all idiots.

You see, this is the problem with technology and media. It gives anyone a platform to reach the masses. How exactly the letter was published on Malaysiakini, is a mystery to me.

Her first paragraph basically says that as an intern, she spends her time at work looking for other jobs.. but in 41 words. Already a red flag, but fair enough, explain why you’re at the office not working. Her rationale is that odds are, she’s not going to be offered a full time position at the company regardless of how hard she works, citing reasons such as being an “external” and her lack of experience.



I’ve already found four job postings on Jobstreet stating that fresh grads are encouraged to apply and I’ve only looked for a good 10 minutes.

She goes on to imply that she speaks for everyone who’s a fresh grad, saying that yes, we are a picky bunch but that’s only because we want a job that relates to what we studied in university, and a salary that syncs with the amount of tasks that we are offered to execute as part of the job we’re a bunch of whiners who obviously feel that because our parents paid good money for our education, we’re entitled to a salary that reflects that automatically.

Her next sentence is literally “Lower income, and slavering? We are sorry, we cannot accep that offer.”

Sorry, but I also cannot accep your grammar.

Look, I don’t mean to personally attack her. Her grammar isn’t the issue here. The issue is that when someone who is this uninformed is given a platform on a letters column of a big news portal, it pretty much enforces the stereotype that millennials are all a bunch of self entitled whiners who have no house, no money.. just avocado. The finger should be pointed at Malaysiakini more than anyone else.

At first I wondered why the letter wasn’t vetted—is the sole purpose of this to garner a reaction out of people? But then I realised maybe that isn’t the problem. Letter columns are a great outlet for the disenfranchised to speak out. Regardless of whether we agree or disagree with their views, publishing letters should be kept on equal standing. The problem is when news publications don’t take the wheel and reply to letters that are misinformed. Putting a disclaimer claiming that the authors views do not necessarily represent the views of the publication is simple enough, but perhaps more should be done?

Just some food for thought.




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