Happy Birthday Instagram! Celebrating Its 10th Year With Malaysians

Happy Birthday Instagram! The photo sharing social media platform turned 10 yesterday! Since its earliest days, the platform has connected people from all over the world to come together, and inspired countless to visually express themselves, learn about new interests and people, and rally around causes and issues. 

Through the years, Instagram has seen defining moments and trends, like the first selfie uploaded to Instagram from space in 2014, or a world-record breaking egg in 2019. There has been the rise of supportive communities and movements like #blacklivesmatter, #metoo, #366daysofkindness, and many more. 

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Instagram is pleased to announce the release of new features globally and updating the core Instagram experience to meet the shift in ways its community is creating and enjoying a culture. New features that include: 

Stories Map

In 2019, Instagram had reached 500 million daily active Stories globally, where users share casual, low-pressure videos. A private map and calendar of all the Instagram stories users have shared in the last 3 years, so they can now look back and remember all your favourite moments. Users will be able to share, download and save these stories to their highlights.

Well Being Features

2 new features to reduce negative interactions, including bullying and harassment, in comments. While the world has certainly changed this year, Instagram’s commitment to leading the industry in the fight against online bullying remains a priority. And, as people spend more time online — it’s more important than ever for people to have safe, positive interactions on Instagram.

  • Hiding Potentially Offensive Comments: A new feature in testing that automatically hides comments similar to others that have been reported. Users can tap “View Hidden Comments” to see the comments. Comments that violate the Community Guidelines will continue to be removed.
  • Expanding Nudge Warnings: Nudge warnings will now include an additional warning when people repeatedly attempt to post comments that might be offensive. These new warnings let people take a moment to step back and reflect on their words and lay out the potential consequences should they proceed.

Hidden Surprise

A limited-time-only icon switcher, that lets savvy users choose a throwback Instagram icon or a new colour variation for their home screen. Only for those who can find it! Top secret ‘easter egg’ hidden in the app that will allow you to turn your Instagram app icon into a variety of styles, including the original logo! The surprise is hidden in our app’s Settings.

Instagram would also like to share with you some defining trends that took place on the platform throughout the 10 years, and how Malaysians have been expressing themselves on Instagram: 

  • Top 5 Most popular AR filters – , CHERRY, Milk*One, and Mono
  • Top 5 Most used GIF – Heart Love Sticker by Milkmochabear, Urban Spree New Post Sticker By Rylsee, In Love Hearts Sticker by Jenna Graviss Creates, Love You Kiss Sticker By Martina Martian and I Love You Hearts Sticker By GIPHY CAM
  • Top Malaysian Moments on Instagram: #nasilemak, #bubbletea, #crispyrendang, #uncleroger and #malaysia60   

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