Google’s Next Hardware Could Be Headphones

Google is rumoured to be looking at making headphones next, with support for Google Assistant.

While previous leaks suggest that Google has been working on Bluetooth headphones codenamed ‘Bisto’, nothing was confirmed. Recently 9to5Google spotted that the company has added a new  ‘Headphones’ category  to Google’s support page. That stayed listed on the support page for about four days before being removed.

9to5Google reported that previous analysis of Google code suggests Bisto headphones will let users hear and reply to notifications, and use Google Assistant for asking questions and other functionalities.

Instead of being voice activated as per the devices using the phrase “OK Google”, it was suggested that the headphones instead require a button to be pressed before using the assistant.

With speculation of a Pixel phone launch, the headphones is rumoured to be revealed alongside the latest handsets.

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