Google Assistant Comes To LG WebOS TV Line Up

All LG Oled and Super UHD TV with ThinQ AI will also have Google Assistant embedded from this years line up onward. Both companies began collaborating to develop range of features into the webOS platform LG TV’s operate on including multi language command.

The new line up can perform hundreds of voice commands utilising the company’s open smart platform as well as the built in Google Assistant. With LG’s proprietary ThinQ AI users can connect to external gaming consoles and soundbars.

With help from the Google Assistant, LG TV’s can now serve as the center for smart homes offering customers access to more than 5,000 smart devices across hundreds of popular brands connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

“With the Google Assistant now available natively in 2018 LG AI TVs, I believe we’re going to see a whole new level of AI adoption in the home,” said Brian Kwon, president of LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

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