Google Assistant Comes To LG WebOS TV Line Up

All LG Oled and Super UHD TV with ThinQ AI will also have Google Assistant embedded from this years line up onward. Both companies began collaborating to develop range of features into the webOS platform LG TV’s operate on including multi language command. The new line up can perform hundreds of voice commands utilising the company’s […]

Thanos Comes To Fortnite in Special Limited Event

How many of you have seen Avengers: Infinity War? If you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for? Perhaps the best villain we’ve seen in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Thanos is also a playable character in Fortnite! Well, for a short while anyway. Big bad Thanos is playable in the new ‘Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time […]

Qualcomm Set To End Its ARM Server Chips Development

Qualcomm is preparing to end data-center server processor development. Despite their efforts to break Intel’s hold on the server chip market segment – which included selling the Centriq 2400, based on ARM technology last year – they failed to make much progress. The tech giant hasn’t said much about their server chips since. It looks as though […]

SAP: Accelerating Digital Transformation with SAP Leonardo

While bridging various ICT trends and enabling them to work hand-in-hand is not rare, SAP wants to raise the ante; critical to this is the opening its SAP Leonardo Center in Singapore. This move will see the platform help a variety of ecosystems and businesses accelerate their digital transformation. This initiative, operating on SAP expertise and […]