Going Beyond 1-300-88-2525

Pizza Hut Malaysia is going digital at its newly refurbished digital concept store in Sunway Pyramid, along with the announcement of a new mobile app. This is the brand’s effort in making it ‘Easy’, to get a great pizza and providing a ‘Better’ quality of experience for customers.

Pizza Hut’s new digital concept store is designed with customer experience in mind. From the ordering and queue management digital panels outside the store to the greeting robots, the store was designed to be innately digital in nature. All Pizza Hut servers are equipped with tablets for faster and better accurate orders to the kitchen.

Speaking at the event, Merrill Pereyra, Chief Executive Officer of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd said, “Digital isn’t just a matter of applying technology for technology’s sake – it’s about making our customer experience better. For us, this means making it easier for our customers to get a better pizza – whether in store or at home or anywhere at all.”

“This is why Pizza Hut embarked on a digital transformation journey…This is just the beginning. We’re looking to expand our digital concept to more stores, bringing an easier and better digital experience to all our customers,” he added. 


This is the first Pizza Hut store in Asia Pacific to feature Digital Take Away Kiosks. The kiosks allow customers to make orders and pay more quickly, increasing efficiency and reducing wait time. Customers will also get to experience an Augmented Reality menu. The digital experience continues after the order is made, with a digital game to keep customers entertained while they wait for their pizzas.

In terms of delivery, Pizza Hut revamped its website earlier in May this year, with easier and more convenient ordering, navigating and tracking mechanisms. The investment paid off with an 107% increase in website traffic, while online sales transactions increased by 31%.

Mr. Merrill Pereyra, CEO of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd, Ms. Jean Ler, Chief
Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut Malaysia and Mr. Eric Leong, Head of Pizza Hut
Malaysia officiating the launch of Pizza Hut’s first digital concept store and mobile app.

Adding to that, Pizza Hut is launching a mobile app. The app remembers customers’ last order and preferences – including previous delivery address, so repeat customers don’t have to enter data over and over again. With built-in GPS and location data available on many mobile phones today – the app can detect the customer’s location, making ordering and tracking simpler.

Pizza Hut’s mobile app also rewards customers. With every order, customers will be awarded pizza points that can be redeemed for rewards such as free side dishes, drinks or even free pizzas. Since the app was introduced in early September, it has been downloaded 37,432 times to date.

In celebrating their new mobile app, Pizza Hut is giving away 35,000 pizzas through their new promotion, “You Download, We Belanja”. Customers are only required to download the Pizza Hut mobile app, order a regular pizza and they will get another regular pizza for free, while stocks last till 30th October. 

Pizza Hut intends to continue investing into digital technology to enhance customer experience.


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