Global Covid-19 Cases Crosses 8 Million, Over 400,000 Deaths Reported

In early January 2020 the coronavirus was detected in Wuhan China, within 2 weeks it had spread to 10,000 people and 60 deaths were reported, the city was locked down and by February over 60,000 cases were recorded. This was merely, 4 months back or 120 days ago, today the virus officially known as Covid-19 has infected 187 countries, 8 million people have been tested positive and taken 437,131 lives.

The deadliest pandemic in modern history, has destroyed lives, nations, economies and continues to ravage across Europe, Asia and has found a new epicenter in Latin America. Brazil is recording a super spike in cases daily, the nation now ranks second with 888,271 cases behind United States which has 2.1 million cases. US has not completely recovered from Covid-19, but the President has ordered his states to open up from the lockdown for the economy to start moving. His top officials are now warning White House of a possible second wave, after the mass protest continue to swept across the country.

Russia third in the list had a massive surge two weeks back but things are easing in Moscow with lower cases reported, restrictions are slowly being lifted for public movements. In Asia, India has surpassed all countries in the Continent to record 343, 000 cases but many are questioning its numbers claiming the nation to be under reporting. Prime Minister Modi has been criticised for his handling of the pandemic, from initiating lockdown rather late, not preparing his medical personals with PPE, lack of information from his government to the people and lifting restriction too early. India continues to suffer from daily increase in cases and rising death toll.

While we are certain the numbers will continue to go up until a vaccine is discovered, the pandemic showed us something else, it has exposed how nations/governments look after its citizens, puts leaders in a tough position to chose between economy and lives, brought the globe together in fighting for a single cause, showed us heroes don’t come from the sky and informed us for fragile we are actually are.

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