Gerakbudaya Called Out On Twitter After Founder Throws Team Under The Bus Trying To Save Face

Gerakbudaya, a local bookstore and publisher of 20 years, has been one of the foremost progressive voices in the country, often being the platform for thought provoking seminars, forums, workshops and discussions all in the spirit of social awareness.

One of it’s upcoming talks, titled “Malaysian Apartheid? Education & Anti Racism”,  featuring Dr. Azly Rahman, an educator, academic and author of seven books was supposed to build off the ongoing discussion behind #BlackLivesMatter and touch on anti-racist education.

The talk however, was abruptly cancelled after it was discovered that Rahman tweeted that All Lives Matter, which can be rather problematic in the current climate. Why? Well, while the notion that all lives matter isn’t false, it does broadcast to others than change isn’t necessary, which makes it harder for everyone else to bring about positive change.

All lives do matter, but the focus now is on black lives because it’s become apparent that the judicial system does not care much for the lives of black people. To the criminal justice system, black lives matter less than white lives and there is demonstrable evidence that this is true. That’s what the movement is trying to highlight.

In their cancellation notice, Gerakbudaya highlighted that “All Lives Matter hijacks public attention from the vastly disproportionate injustice and violence that the black community has experienced as a result of institutional racism.”

The notice also claims that Gerakbudaya made an error and that it takes full responsibility for their neglect, which sounds great and all except that it was later brought to light that the owner of Gerakbudaya sent a private message to Dr. Azly after the statement was released, in which he pretty much tries to save face and puts the blame on his staff for the cancellation.

As you’d expect, Twitter had a field day. Check out the tweets below:

You might argue that Dr. Azly’s talk should never have been cancelled in the first place but for the owner of Gerakbudaya to flat out throw his team under the bus like this is hard to swallow, especially givrn how strong of a statement its cancellation notice sent about the organisations views on racial issues.









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