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Elevating Malaysian Gaming

Elevating Malaysian Gaming

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) strengthens its commitment towards the gaming community by showcasing the power of AMD Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs through two leading products: Acer Aspire GX281 and OMEN by HP Desktop.

Stacey Gan (HP), Frankie Chan (HP), Peter Chambers (AMD), Yennee Ng (AMD), Johnson Seet (Acer) and Jeffrey Lai (Acer).

Held in conjunction with the ‘We’re in the Game’ week-long AMD roadshow, the showcase focused on the latest AMD Ryzen processor that boasts of impressive graphics, while the Acer Aspire GX281 promises to deliver premium performance for faster and smoother gaming experience.

Also, not to forget, the high-performance OMEN by HP Desktop is equipped with dual AMD Radeon RX 580 GPUs (In CrossFire), allowing the graphics’ horsepower to run the most demanding games at maxed out settings and resolutions higher than 1080p.

AMD Director of Consumer Sales for Asia Pacific and Japan, Peter Chambers introducing Ryzen.

Peter Chambers, AMD’s Director of Consumer Sales of Asia Pacific and Japan comments: “For gamers, performance and power are key to gaining the ultimate gaming experience. With that in mind, our dedicated research team developed products like the Ryzen CPU series and Radeon RX GPU that delivers the ultimate gaming experience.”

“Through our partnership with Acer and HP, we hope to bring the gaming experience to a whole new level,” he continues.

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