Dota 2 Spring Cleaning is Here to Patch Things Up

Just days after IceFrog’s announcement of the upcoming Dota 2 updates, Valve’s prized possession comes out with the Spring Cleaning 2018 update. This update aims to clean up the various bugs that are currently in the game while providing some upgrades to the game client. Here are some of the biggest changes to come with the Spring Cleaning 2018 update.

All-new Player Profile

One of the biggest changes to come to the game client, you now have a more personalised and detailed look into your own Dota 2 account. Instead of its bland and conventional outlook, the all-new design of a player’s profile is now unique to the player, ensuring no two profiles are the same (unless they’re owned by the same player).

Through this new customisable profile, you can now set one of your many loading screens as your profile’s background. You can also showcase three of your favourite heroes with all its cosmetics in full glory. The new layout also gives you and other players (that is if your profile is not locked for viewing for other players) a brief summary of your gameplay. It showcases your last eight matches, your rank, your three most successful heroes and even your match stats based on your last 20 games.

This is a welcoming change as Valve is giving players more control over their profile and how they want to customise it.

Ban Hammer Reigns Supreme

One of the more prominent problems in Dota 2 has to do with its matchmaking algorithm, more accurately, matching players with others who have a bad streak of conduct. This ranges from trolls to lane-stealers and just downright idiots in the game who should uninstall and stick to Candy Crush.

It looks like Valve is finally addressing the issue by handing out a six month matchmaking ban notice to players who have received a large number of reports against them. Players who are known to have a negative behaviour on the game (intentional feeding, player abuse, abandoning, etc etc) will be given the ban as well. While not everyone can keep their cool during the game, one must always remember that it is just a game.

Of course, banned players can very easily create a new account and just continue on their reign of terror but at least Valve is finally taking a step in the right direction when it comes to handing out bans to players with bad behaviour.

The First of Many Steps to Becoming a Pro

While there are many great players in the game of Dota 2, there are plenty others out there who are still lacking in the basic fundamentals. One of the core traits to becoming a great player is knowing how to last hit and farm. Valve adds in the ‘Last Hit Trainer’ tool that will help you increase your overall gold per minute (GPM) rate, which can be useful in your climb up the ranks.

This tool can be found in the ‘Learn’ tab and can be accessed any time, even while queuing for a game.

Changelogs On-The-Go

For years now, people would always have to commit the changes, nerfs and buffs of key heroes to be able to stay on top of the game. This would means combing through hours of the changelog to see which hero has been nerfed or buffed. All that is now gone as Valve has introduced one of its better updates in recent times.

During the picking phase in a game, you can now hover over an exclamation mark over a hero chosen by an ally or opponent to see what are the changes made to them. This allows you to plan accordingly to how you want to play the game, instead of having to go back to the changelog page or try to remember which hero works best in the situation.

In-game Changes


While the overall gameplay of Dota 2 still remains unchanged, Valve did include some slight tweaks and adjustments to make it a little more newbie-friendly. This can also benefit experienced players in the long run like displaying a difficulty level on the types of neutral camps in the Radiant and Dire jungle.

This is essential for flash-farming heroes that are able to clear multiple waves of neutral creeps easily. It will also help you in identifying whether you’re actually stack the easy or hard camps.

Another addition is colour-coded teleportation effects. Aside from a visible hero outline appearing when teleporting, it will now also include a colour-coded outer ring, which corresponds with the player’s colour tab on the top bar. This is really helpful to know who is teleporting to your lane and whether you have a chance to initiate a gank on your enemy. It’s also helpful to see which enemy heroes are teleporting to your lane.

Speaking of teleports, by holding down on the ALT button in-game, you will now be able to identify which teammates are able to teleport in time to provide assistance. All this will be displayed right below the players colour-coded bar on the top panel, with teleport scrolls and Boots of Travel cooldown notifications.

Ready Up

Have you ever been in a situation where a friend is being blocked from finding a game because he failed to ready up and now you’re stuck with a 15 minute countdown until all of you can finally game? That has surely happened to everyone on more than one occasion and Valve has finally paid notice.

There will now be a Ready Check button in your chat window, which gives everyone a chance to report in that they are ready to queue for a game. This will definitely save a lot of stress, time and sanity in the long run.

Another introduction is the ability to pool your items to your teammates during the strategy phase, right before the game starts. In many games these days, supports would always have to pool their core heroes items like Tangos and Wards, which takes up precious seconds in-game. You can now do all that during the strategy phase, saving you more time in being able to plan your attack onto your enemies.

This is of course not all the updates for the Spring Cleaning 2018 update but you can read all about it on the Dota 2 Blog.

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