Do We Really Need To Scan The MySejahtera QR Code To Pump Fuel?

So usually we will need to scan the QR code on our MySejahtera app to enter premises. But is it necessary to scan them to just pump fuel at the petrol station where there’s also a rule to turn off our gadgets when pumping fuel?

Apparently, the answer is yes. Surprised? So am I. Was there an announcement that we missed? According to China Press, Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department deputy director DCP Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said that everyone is required to register with the MySejahtera app even if they do not enter the petrol station’s convenience store.

“If the people do not register or scan, how will the police trace them if there are Covid-19 cases in the area?” he was quoted as saying.

He said this made it mandatory for visitors to wear face masks, register for contact tracing, have their temperature scanned and use hand sanitisers.

This statement is made when Mior was asked to comment on a viral voice clip of a man claiming his father was fined RM1,000 for failing to register the MySejahtera app before filling up at a fuel pump despite wearing a face mask.

Mior justified the fine saying that a petrol station is a public space with heavy human traffic, so it is compulsory for customers to wear a face mask, have their body temperatures scanned and check in using the MySejahtera app in order for them to trace.

I understand the need to scan and all cause petrol stations are almost always filled with people, it makes sense but what about the rule of turning off our phones at petrol stations? Is that no longer applied? Is it safe now? Will we not be fined for that as well for using our phones at petrol stations? So many questions.

I can also understand people’s frustration from the viral video. From the way people reacted online, it’s just go to show that we were not as informed of this as much we should be. Otherwise, of course we would’ve scan to register but we need to know if it’s also safe for us to use our phones when pumping fuel.

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