A Long Shot; Confronting Stormterror And How To Beat Him In Genshin Impact

At the beginning of Genshin Impact, there is a cutscene where your character comes across Venti and Dvalin (a dragon known more as Stormterror by the people of Mondstadt). That’s where the story of Venti begins.

Further down the game, you will soon confront Stormterror and save him from the Abyss Order and this is where you will be able to play as Venti temporarily. Confront Stormterror is a Trounce Domain battle unlocked after completing Archon Quests Prologue, Act 3 quest A Long Shot.

It was definitely not easy. I was still learning about Elemental Reactions and experimenting which characters fit best with each other so at the time (if I remember correctly), the characters I had with me during this battle were Aether, Amber, Kaeya, Fischl and Venti (trial).

There’s 2 rounds of the battle. The first round isn’t hard. All you have to do is to shoot one of the poison spikes on Stormterror’s back, avoid his attacks and catch up with him as he tries to fly away. The second round however, that’s the tricky part. So if you’re having difficulty in the second round, here’s some tips that I used that maybe helpful to you:

Memorise Stormterror’s Tactics

This is the most obvious tip but this also might require you to lose a few times in order to be familiar with Stormterror’s attacks. If you can manage to stay alive long enough to know his attacks then that would be super. You can only attack Dvalin or Stormterror up close, not when he’s in the air.

He has a shield you need to take down which are located on his claws. Once you figure out when he will put his claws down and which direction he will attack, that’s your chance to attack his claws and take down the shield. By doing this, Stormterror will be unconscious for a few seconds for you to attack the poison spike on his neck before he wakes up again.

Keep Venti Alive

Venti is the trial character for this battle and he is the strongest of them all. He is the only one strong enough to penetrate through Dvalin’s shield fast. Make sure to keep Venti alive for that purpose only. Otherwise, it’s gonna take a long, long time to beat him in this battle.

Melee Attacks And Elemental Reactions

Whenever Stormterror is unconscious, you will need to climb on his neck and attack the spike up close (be careful not to fall off). Use your strongest character to attack. For me, I used Aether as he is my strongest character so I used all his abilities to attack the spike.

If you can switch between characters fast enough, it would be great to use Elemental reactions for more damage to the spike. But I wasn’t fast enough. I panic too easily but hey I got through okay.

That is all I have for you guys. I know I’m not the first to provide you these tips. There are countless of videos and articles from people who are more than willing to share their experience with the game to make your journey smoother. But spoilers aren’t for everyone so I tried not giving too much away in this article if you enjoy figuring things out yourself.

Anyway, all the best for Confronting Stormterror and May the wind open your eyes to the truth.



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