Chrome Tab Groups Gets Wide Release Starting Next Week; It’s Time To Unclutter Your Tabs

Last month we wrote about Google Chrome’s latest feature, Tab Groups, an easier way to organise your tabs and your browsing needs. Tab Group is now officially available in the beta channel and will be rolling out widely with Chrome 83 starting next week.

To use it, all you have to do is:

  • Right click on a tab
  • Select ‘Add to new group’ or ‘Add to existing group’
  • Move the tabs you want grouped, into said tab group.

You’ll then be able to customise it to some degree. You can name the group header, which comes in the form of seven coloured segments so you can keep track on which tabs relate to which research/sites. According to Google, their research found people used Tab Groups to segment tabs by topics, how urgent a task is, and using emojis to distinguish between groups.

You’ll also be able to change the group colours, ungroup the tabs, and close all the tabs in the group, rather than closing them one, by one, by one. I’m sure you can relate.

Tab Groups is now live in Chrome Beta but you can also enable it on Chrome 81 by copy pasting this into your Chrome browser and enabling it:


Tab Groups is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS with the wider launceh starting next week on Chrome 83 when it arrives in the Stable Channel. The rollout is happening slowly to help stability and performance.

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