Bigo is Celebrating Resilience and Creativity at the BIGO Awards Gala 2021

BIGO, a communication platforms for Bigo Live and Likee will host its second annual BIGO Awards Gala at 8 p.m. on January 21 to celebrate the resilience of its broadcasting community throughout the past year. 

The event’s setting is through Bigo Live’s very own Music Livehouse channel (Bigo ID: music), with dozens of broadcasters being recognized and awarded. The team is “Connecting the World” so BIGO fabricated the event to align the platform’s leading streamers from around the world to see how far they have come last year.

BIGO intends to start this virtual event with opening remarks from Bigo Live’s virtual mascot DINO. Over 72 families formed by BIGO Live users and 78 broadcasters will be honoured at the annual Gala. 

The four categories of award winners are “Top Regional Broadcaster,” “Top Regional Family,” “Top Global Broadcaster” and “Top Global Family”; indicating the best of the best in both individual regions and globally. The broadcasters came from 150 different countries and regions worldwide.

“Despite the pandemic, Bigo Live users have proven that you don’t have to be together physically to form meaningful connections. We’re so proud of how our users have supported each other during such a challenging year and are excited to celebrate the impact they’ve made in connecting the world through live streaming. 

And because this year’s event is entirely virtual, we anticipate an even larger audience than last year,” said spokesperson from BIGO Technology.

The event will also feature a variety of performances put on by broadcasters themselves, which include fire dances, DJ sets, K-pop dances and Urdu songs. This year’s Gala will also include exciting new ways for the audience to participate in the event virtually. 

Audience members will get tickets for lucky draws by voting for their favourite broadcasters. The prizes are a Dino pillow as well as virtual gifts like pendants, entrance effects, badges and medals, which are specifically designed for the Gala.

One notable winner from this year’s Gala was Bigo Live’s top Malaysia Broadcaster Joanne Tan, Bigo ID:Joannebaby who gained her fame with her dancing talent as well as connecting with her fans by showing them snippets of her everyday life and interacting with them.

Winners will receive a medal and gift box for their achievement, as well as in-app rewards. They will also be featured on a variety of billboards, which are located in landmarks in 23 countries around the world. As live streaming becomes a leading form of infotainment, the top broadcasters on Bigo Live are becoming celebrities in their own right, with their fans celebrating their success all over the world.

To watch BIGO’s upcoming annual Gala, you can tune in directly via the Bigo Live app which can be downloaded at:

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