BenQ Offers Stellar Products That Will Improve Your Experience At Home

BenQ offers a wide range of monitors for multiple kinds of users, and this is the best time to get them while everyone is at home!

As you find yourselves working at home, you may realise that even after the MCO is lifted, there will be times you continue to do so.

That’s what these BenQ monitors are for, as they aim to provide a better viewing experience for work-related activities!

Monitors from the GW Series are catered to anyone who just views documents and scrolls through social media from time to time, as it has low blue light and is flicker-free!

In contrast, the PD Series is designed for designers and offers a 100% sRGB display, perfect for all design-related software.

Similarly, those who work with perfecting photographs will find that the SW Series also has 100% sRGB. In addition, it has 14 bits 3D-Lut, having even more precise tonal transitions that also helps create better color graduation!

That’s enough about work, for we need some time to entertain ourselves too! BenQ also provides monitors catered for different kinds of entertainment.

If you’re a gamer, you’re going to want to look at getting something from the EW or EX Series. These models provide Eye-Care but most importantly, HDR for quality gaming!

Only play FPS games? Then this series is for you! The XL Series has a 240Hz display and has a great color vibrance for your gaming pleasure!

Maybe you’ve been looking for a way to enhance your movie-viewing at home. Well, look no further as BenQ also provides home projectors that can project up to 4K, coupled with HDR PRO and built-in speakers too!

You can check out their products on either their website or their official store on Lazada.


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