Apple’s iOS 14 Leaks Online? New Video Hints At A Brand New iOS Feature That Users Will Love

Let’s face it, Apple’s iOS 13 update has been underwhelming at best. The multitasking and RAM management issues that plagued iOS 11 and fixed in iOS 12 reared its ugly head in iOS 13. It looks like Apple is making a habit of alternating between bad and good OS updates because a new video has surfaced online and it seems that the company’s upcoming iOS 14 addresses these issues.

The video, which was revealed on 91mobiles, shows an iPhone 11 Pro Max running what looks like a fresh, clean looking multitasking screen, where users will be able to simply flick up and to close apps that are running. It actually looks a lot like how the function runs on Mac laptops and the iPad, which as you may not know, is much nicer.

So what exactly is the difference here? For one, the layout is a lot better. The video shows thumbnails being arranged in rows of two instead of the current stacked carousel layout. Add to this the fact that users will probably¬†soon have the option of choosing what kind of layout they want their multitasking area to have and you’ve got yourself a more personalized experience when it comes to switching apps.

Its worth noting however that this is all just speculation based on leaks. As reliable as sources such as Ben Geskin is, we’ve not heard any concrete news on this from Apple. Heck, the video might not even be showing off iOS 14. One thing is for certain though, and that’s the fact that Apple will be touching on this during it’s WWDC 2020 event in June, so we’ll just have to keep ourselves entertained until then.


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