Apple to Make Samsung Even More Money

In an article published a couple of months back, we spoke about how much money Apple would be making for Samsung through its OLED displays. Samsung shipped a total of 50 million OLED displays to Apple for its iPhone X. That number is now looking to quadruple in 2018 as Apple is reportedly asking for 180-200 million OLED displays.

This year alone, Samsung would have made US$5.5 billion in revenue through its sale of OLED displays alone. With Apple now asking for quadruple the amount, Samsung’s revenue is looking to skyrocket between US$19.8 to US$22 billion next year. Of course, to a company like Samsung, that is pocket change but the fact that it is down to supplying Apple with OLED displays alone.

If you’re wondering why Apple has to rely on Samsung for its OLED panels, its simply because that Samsung is known for its outstanding OLED displays on smartphones. Whether it’d be on a flagship device or even its mid-range smartphones, every Samsung smartphone comes equipped with its signature OLED display, giving it that edge in the smartphone market.

(Source: Android Authority)


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