Another Covid-19 Cluster In Cheras Involving Malaysians

Cheras has another new cluster after being Covid-19 free since its last outbreak from a shopping mall, but this time around the cluster involves locals and not foreign workers.

Without sharing details of location, Deputy General of Health gave indication that the emergence involved 6 Malaysians in an apartment block in the dense locality of Cheras. Depending on the density of the housing, there is still no information if MOH will be closing off the blocks to prevent further spread. Outbreaks in apartments can occur rapidly as in how Malayan Mansion encountered but they can also be strategically contained. This new discovery comes of the back of three new clusters reported yesterday in Pahang that consists mostly of foreign workers. The total number of active clusters now stand at 6 including Pudu, Sepang Detention Centre and Kg.Sungai Lui.

Malaysia saw another 38 case today with mostly imported and just 12 local infection, the community spread has been steady at low 10’s for the past 2 weeks. However in his daily briefing, the DG was concerned on the rising number of foreign workers and illegal immigrant contacting Covid-19 in the country. He has called on relevant companies, government departments and agencies to be more proactive in managing foreign workers, in terms of inspection, housing, sanitisation and etiquette during this pandemic.

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