Anime And K-Pop Mixed Together In TXT’s New Haikyuu-Inspired Music Video

Are you a fan of the sports anime Haikyuu? Are you a MOA (Moment of Alwayness, official fan name for TXT)? If you’re a fan of both then you’re in for a treat!

Haikyuu! is an anime that follows the story of Shōyō Hinata, a boy determined to become a great volleyball player despite his small stature. Fans of the anime have been patiently waiting for the second half of its 4th season to return and the wait is almost over as the sports anime is coming back later this year. But that’s not all, South-Korean boyband Tomorrow X Together (TXT) just released their Haikyuu!! inspired music video on August 19 on YouTube for the Japanese version of their song Drama.

Drama is among the list of songs by TXT in their latest EP, The Dream Chapter: Eternity. The boyband recently released their second Japanese album with 1 new original Japanese song titled Everlasting Shine which serves as the theme song for the anime Black Clover.

The Drama music video begins with TXT members playing basketball together with one of them looks out of place but was later invited to join the group. The music video shows the 5 friends having fun around town riding their bikes, playing games and cracking jokes but it turns out it was all the odd member’s daydream as he was actually isolated the whole time they were together and it left fans feeling bad for the odd member.

But could the Drama music video be more than just a homage to the anime? Does the music video give indication for what’s about to happen during the second half of the new season of Haikyuu? Will a player get left behind? Guess fans are going to have to wait and see once the season premieres this October.

So while we wait for the anime to return, let us enjoy TXT’s new Haikyuu!! inspired music video Drama


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